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HAIR AND MAKEUP (Bridal Preparation)

For the bridal preparation, it’s important to ask your hair/makeup artist for an estimate as to how long it will take to get ready. Keep in mind that things always tend to run behind on the wedding day and it’s a good idea to set aside even more time. If you have a bridal party who will also be getting ready, you can then decide if you prefer to get ready first or last, depending of course on the timeline of the day. We always ask for at least an hour with you in the morning (after hair and makeup is finished). This way we will have enough time for your bridal portraits as well as time for some candid shots with your bridal party, parents, etc.



The groom preparation is not as detailed as the bridal preparation and doesn’t take as long. However it is still an important part of the day which we like to incorporate to have the complete story of your wedding day. We suggest setting aside 30-45 minutes maximum. When we arrive it is important for all the groomsmen to be there and be dressed and ready. The groom should be dressed only in his dress shirt and pants and we will take shots of him getting everything else on, as well as candid shots with the groomsmen, family, etc.



As all churches and priests have different rules/requests, it is important to check with your priest to see if there are any restrictions and to ensure that wedding photography is permitted.



If you are having an outdoor ceremony, the best time of day to choose is later afternoon. (a couple of hours before sunset). Although we can work under any conditions, if the ceremony is in the early afternoon you will have a harsh light coming down on you and one of you might be in the sunlight and the other in the shade. Having a ceremony later ensures that the sunlight is more golden and soft with no harsh shadows.



We always recommend taking the immediate family portraits immediately following the ceremony. If we are able to take the photos at the ceremony location itself (outside the church) this is definitely ideal as it will save time from having everyone travel to a separate location. If you have a long list of shots that you would like, we would suggest doing the immediate family only right after the ceremony and then the rest of the shots can be taken during the reception. This helps to save time for your bridal party shots and most importantly the couple portraits.



This is without a doubt one of the most important parts of your wedding day and also the reason you have hired us đŸ™‚ If you love what you see on our website, it is very important to set aside enough time on your wedding day for your couple portraits in order for us to achieve these shots. We highly suggest setting aside one hour and one location. This will ensure that we have enough time to give you a good variety of some beautiful candid shots a well as the more artistic dramatic shots which require a little more set-up.