Ottawa Wedding Photographers


Ottawa wedding Photographers, International Award winning Wedding Photographers based in Ottawa, Ontario  available worldwide.

Ottawa Wedding Photographers, Carmen and Marco have been photographing weddings together for 6 years.  They are multiple international award winning photographers, artists, storytellers and a married couple crazy in love!  Their story started in the beautiful country of Italy, and in the magical city of  Rome.  This is where they met, fell in love and shared their passion for photography, which led them to starting their business together.  Marco was born and raised in Sicily, Italy and lived in Rome for 15 years.  Carmen wasn’t born in Italy, she was born in Ottawa, but her Italian roots were begging her to go to Italy to live!  After 5 years in Rome, she convinced Marco (kicking and screaming) to move to Ottawa, Ontario and start their business together there.   Of course when they did make the move to Ottawa, Carmen brought Marco in the Spring (such a beautiful time of year!)  Marco was happy because Canada was definitely not the cold country he had heard about and expected.  But then, winter came and Marco really started kicking and screaming!  But of course it was too late!  Over the past 6 years in Ottawa,